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Cultivating wholeness & connection for a clear mind, open heart & peaceful body 
through yoga, faith & community.

All gatherings at Jaya Spirit Yoga Studio are rooted in the spirit of yoga, science of anatomy & faith in God to:

  • Develop awareness & connection with your body; 

  • Release destructive habits & thought patterns; 

  • Nourish your authentic self so you can live your faith & purpose joyfully.


Sounds good, right?

In-Person Offerings 

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Introduction to Meditation: A Tool for Everyday Mindfulness
Where your mind goes, your energy flows! Create a toolbox of meditation strategies to bring mindful moments to your daily life.​

Understanding Your Energy: Developing Awareness for Balanced Living 
Have you ever wondered what yogis mean when they talk about chakras? Explore how your seven energy centers link to specific characteristics, emotions and behaviors. Learn how monitoring your energy through the chakras can create a sense of mindfulness, balance, healing and peace in your everyday life.​

The Anatomy of Breath: Creating Awareness in Your Body 
Explore how your mental, physical and emotional wellness is deeply tied to your breath and anatomy. Experience breathing techniques and simple movements that you can use at home to create a new awareness of life within your body. 

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Hi! I'm Annie Cumberland, 

Your Inner Resource Librarian!

I'm a 200 Hour Yoga Instructor & Certified Y12SR Space Holder. By day, I am also an elementary school librarian. I came to yoga to heal from complete disconnection with myself and golly, it changed everything.


I'm a librarian at heart, committed to sharing resources with others. Yoga and it's unending gifts to humanity allow for just that - sharing both resources like books as well as tools for tapping into the best resource of all - ourselves! Trusting in God and leaning into our faith as the source of our inherent wisdom and light offers the best information we could ever dream up. It's beautiful. I am thrilled to be the space holder at Jaya Spirit to extend the healing joy of yoga with you. 

Be on the lookout for workshops, book clubs & resources to support your journey within.

Clear Mind | Open Heart | Peaceful Body


RTY 200, Yoga Alliance

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Completed at Energy with Judy

Hanover, Pennsylvania

Spring 2022


Living my wildest dreams, spending time with Nebbie at our home,

Knucklehead Creek.

Summer 2022

Jaya Spirit Yoga 

Annie Cumberland

6868 Manheim Road 

Glenville, Pennsylvania

By appointment only.

Tel: 24o.5o6.2213


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