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Rooted, Rested & Restored: 12 Weeks of Yoga & Community for Endo & PMDD Warriors

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

August 15 - November 16, 2022

Cost: $135 for 12 Weeks


Rooted, Rested & Restored is for you if:

  1. Your mind, body and spirit is emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted from life with Endo and/or PMDD.

  2. You long to reclaim & restore your power, purpose and vibrant spirit from chronic illness.

  3. You would like to connect with other warriors to share inspiration, resources and caring support.

How Does it Work?

Our program will meet online in a "members only" space and is sequenced into 4 modules. There, new content will be released weekly which will include educational mini-lesson about science and anatomy, pre-recorded restorative yoga classes, a yoga Nidra experience, guided meditations and breath work techniques. This will allow everyone to develop their practice at a pace that meets their personal needs and schedule. In the private Facebook group, we will share support, comfort, progress, stories, inspiration and celebrations. We will gather monthly via Zoom to talk, share, and reflect on our experiences. Members will walk away with a spiritual toolbox to assist them on their journey and feel rooted in their being, well rested in their body, and their beautiful spirit, restored.

4 Modules that will include:

  • Module One: Getting to Know You, Getting to Love You!

  • Module Two: Restoring Our System

  • Module Three: Less is More. Letting it Go

  • Module Four: Putting it All Together


Science & Anantomy

Knowledge is power! Mini-lessons about how understanding the anatomy, mechanics and science of our bodies is what ultimately connects to our healing and freedom. We will explore:

  • The Pelvis: Our Powerhouse

  • Caring for Our Scared Psosa Muscle

  • Fight-Flight-Freeze: Regulation & Deregulation of the Nervous System

  • Effectively Engaging our Beautiful Breath

  • Our Brain on Rest. Our Brain on Exhaustion.

  • Cleaning Out the Junk Drawers & Closets: Examining Where Emotions are Stored in Our Physical Space and How to Let Them Go


Restorative Yoga

Many women with endometriosis suggest that yoga can lead their bodies into painful flares. Restorative yoga does just the opposite, nurturing calm, cooling asanas (postures) that offer relief to our system and relax our exhausted spirits. We will set up a nest using pillows, blankets, towels and bolsters (not necessary, but handy if you have one) to find shapes that work for our bodies during different phases throughout the month.


Yoga Nidra. Fatigue is real.

Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing "yogic sleep" that moves us into a meditative, dream-like space within our spirit. Science has show that just 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra provides as the same benefits as 3 hours of deep REM sleep! Wow!

Not only do we get to feel amazingly rested, Yoga Nidra taps into our intuition and divine wisdom, allowing us to solve problems, change habits and explore our scared depths during the experience. We will embrace this practice as a tool in our physical, emotional and spiritual tool box. Another perk: After you make your nest, all you need to do is lay down in a comfortable position and follow the meditation. It is physically passive experience while your body relaxes and your intuition runs fr