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Steady & Comfortable
Why Gentle Yoga?

Our bodies crave being heard. Spending time in the practice of yoga calls us to listen, to approach ourselves with curiosity & compassion, and to care for ourselves so we can shine. When we listen, the possibilities are endless.

Gentle Yoga with Annie is beginner friendly, slow flow class where everyone is welcome. If  you have never experienced yoga before, this is a great place to beginIn our classes, we take our time, honoring the requests of our bodies, caring for our joints, moving intuitively and respecting where we are in the moment. Keeping our focus on kindness and the beauty of breath, all classes include body awareness, peaceful movements and a simple flow to build quiet strength, leaving us filled with love, awareness, respect, and peace.


Gentle Yoga has endless physical benefits, too. It invites relaxation and rejuvenation to our mind, body and spirit by releasing stress and decreasing fatigue. You may also notice improvements in mental wellness, quality of breath, flexibility, circulation, digestion, joint health and range of motion.


Let your beautiful self

rest and shine.

How is Gentle Yoga Different?

Our practice together is not a yoga factory or a synchronized team sport, monitoring strict guidelines for poses. Phew! My blood pressure just went down, how about you? In our classes, we take our time to get to know ourselves in a new way as we make steady and comfortable shapes with bodies and explore how our breath invites us into the present moment. We explore traditional yoga poses, or asanas, as well as modifications and creative movements, too. We spend a lot of time on the floor. Every pose will look and feel different to each person. If a pose doesn't feel steady and comfortable, we explore how to make it right.​ When it feels good, we delight in just being.


What you won't find: 

Weird contortions (this isn't the circus), pressure for perfection or to complete a pose.

What you will find: 

Support, kindness, new ideas, quiet strength. 


It's okay if we aren't in sync.

It's okay to take a break.

It's okay to do something different. 

It's okay to laugh, or cry, and if your stomach rumbles.

It's okay to be yourself.

Life is happening.

And life is welcome. 

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